Thursday, June 30, 2011

Claudius' hat

Gordy's hat

Suri alpaca, drop spindle, 2 ply Dk weight

This is a 2ply worsted weight, suri alpaca, done on my Golding drop spindle.

First thing I spun up on my Roadbug Wheel. German wool roving from Rhinebeck 2009. Not bad for my first yarn on a spinning wheel. It ended up being a 2ply bulky weight.

Leftover spun up Loop Batt plied with some superwash yarn.

Cotton Shawl

Spin city Xmas gift 2009 from Donna. It was a bomb pop super wash roving.

Spin City Xmas gift from Jenny, it was a Loop Batt.

EZ torture hat for Gordy.

WOW! Just like the Spin Off magazine! I even had enough for wristers. I did a navajo ply.

CSJ for Claudius

Front of CSJ

Back view

Edie's Faery Ring

Fabulous hood!

Suri Alpaca scarf and hat for Claudius. Rhinebeck 2009