Friday, February 27, 2009

Final Swatch

I cast on 30 sts, using US size 6 needles. WHA-LA! I got 5 sts/" and 10 rows/ ". I must cast on 315 sts. I will start with the Lionbrand fishermens wool in Natural.
So far, I have written out (in longhand)
1- the pattern and its decreases up to the armpits.
2- The increases, back up to 315 sts.
Right before the ending of the decreases and up to the same length of increases will be a slimming stripe of brown. I just have to figure out how wide I want it to be.
The length of the arm going out from under the armpit will be 7". (70 rows=35 decreases@ 10 rows /") So when I lengthen the sleeves (and to keep it from showing) I will use Natures Brown, which will hide any picked up sts. cause mistakes don't show up well in dark colors. Hence ,the dark color going across my wicked bum.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

BSJ Stripe Prototype


I made a Baby Surprise Jacket as a stripe prototype for an Adult Surprise Jacket which I am making for myself. I don't want any light colored stripes going across my bum! I am using the Lionbrand fishermens wool in the natural color and in the natures brown. I want my fabric stiff to wear it as a jacket, not a cozy sweater. So far 21sts /4" (5.25sts per inch )on size 7 needles is too loose. I am going to make a swatch using size 6 needles. I won't go lower than that cause then I"ll never finish the jacket. When I figure out how to post pics I will.